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Buckhead Plaza Sculptures 

This collection of sculptures for the Buckhead Plaza property celebrates the beauty and geometry of street intersections around Atlanta through the use of cartographic imagery. The linear and curvilinear line configurations form dynamic compositions when viewed form an aerial or map perspective. These two-dimensional compositions were the inspiration for the three-dimensional sculptures. Each sculpture resembles its respective intersection when viewed form one specific position. All of the pieces use a square tube material which lends a consistency to the collection while a variety of sizes, colors and surface qualities bring diversity to the works. These sculptures were created by Phil Proctor through a collaboration with ConsultArt and Cousins Properties.


Phil Proctor has a unique connection with the cartographic aspect of this project. In 1970 Proctor’s grandmother started a family cartography company that worked to create property ownership maps using large aerial phototropic negatives. Proctor worked at the company as a teenager to produce and assemble maps and eventually graduated to hand drawing maps using specialty drawing tools and inks on large mylar sheets.  Today, Phil Proctor is a professional sculptor practicing in Atlanta since 2003. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from East Carolina University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Southern Mississippi. His permanently installed public art works and private commissions can be found across the United States and Eastern Europe including many large-scale outdoor works in the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Art Consultant

Anne Lambert Tracht is President of ConsultArt, Inc., an Atlanta-based Art Consulting firm focused on corporate and residential clients.  She received her BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1996 and, before joining ConsultArt in 2005, worked at Guggenheim Asher Associates in New York and Solomon Projects in Atlanta. Anne serves on the boards of numerous Atlanta art and civic organizations including The Hambidge Center, Midtown Alliance, Georgia Tech Public Art Committee, MARTA Public Art Committee and The Judith Alexander Foundation.



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